Bulletin #67: One hundred days of attacks on health in Gaza

This fortnight

Israeli attacks on healthcare in the Gaza Strip have persisted for the 100th consecutive day. Hospitals in Gaza are struggling due to shortages of medicines and medical supplies. They remain under threat from snipers and sieges by Israeli Occupying Forces. UN agencies are raising alarms as they are unable to deliver sufficient supplies to health centers, citing a lack of security guarantees and cooperation from the Israeli authorities. The risk of infections and outbreaks steadily grows as thousands of people gather in overcrowded shelters and camps.

In Kenya, President William Ruto's health reform package has encountered opposition from civil society organizations, including the local chapter of the People’s Health Movement. These groups are actively working to ensure that the proposed laws undergo proper public consultation before being implemented.

Safeguarding and strengthening public health systems has proven crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although public health systems and workers bore the brunt of the pandemic, governments have yet to adequately recognize their contributions. While the number of COVID-19 infections and deaths has decreased from peak levels, the World Health Organization emphasizes the continued importance of governments monitoring the virus's spread and ensuring access to vaccines.

The impact of COVID-19 has disproportionately affected poor and working-class communities, reflecting long standing health inequities. In the United Kingdom, these health disparities continue to widen.

Health disparities between the rich and the poor extend beyond health indicators. Poor communities also bear the brunt of the cost-of-living crisis, struggling to afford essential food products. Almost two years after the closure of a production facility in Michigan led to a shortage of baby formula in the United States, families still face challenges affording an adequate supply of infant formula.

In focus: Health in Palestine

Gaza’s heath workers and aid agencies face impossible choices

Health workers are at grave risk while trying to provide care to the tens of thousands who are injured due to Israel’s brutal attacks. Both they and aid agencies are also faced with extremely tough choices on how to distribute the scarce medical supplies that are remaining

Israel is decimating Gaza’s health infrastructure as disease threatens the majority of its population

The public health situation among people displaced by Israeli attacks worsens by the day, as targeting of health workers and infrastructure continues

President Ruto’s healthcare reform stands trial in Kenya

Right-to-health organizations in Kenya continue to oppose a set of healthcare reforms that is being pushed through legislation without consultations with the public

COVID-19 has killed more than 7 million people since 2020

While COVID-19 has disappeared from front pages, the virus is still claiming thousands of lives each month. The WHO warns against complacency and urges continuation of vaccination

Health inequities continue to widen in the UK

A new report indicates that health and social inequities in the UK are having a devastating effect on quality of life and mortality rates. While the health gap between poorer and richer communities has been a concern for a long time, the report shows that its consequences are worse than anticipated

Baby formula prices and production practices impact availability

Persistent issues in baby formula production and pricing continue to impact families. As prices rise, carers are struggling to feed infants in many parts of the Global North

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