Bulletin #73: 5th People's Health Assembly focuses on war's toll amidst Gaza crisis

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For over six months, Israel has waged an unprecedented war on health workers and health infrastructure in Palestine. The recent attacks on Al-Shifa Hospital, which saw Israeli armed forces destroy Gaza's once-largest health institution, have been described as a devastating act against the heart of the Strip’s health system.

Despite this, support and solidarity for health workers in Palestine continue to grow worldwide. In Belgium, the organization Doctors for the People has made it a priority to extend solidarity to the health sector in Palestine, building upon their collaboration with the organization AWDA.

Solidarity with Palestine was a focal point at the launch of the 5th People's Health Assembly (PHA 5), held from April 7 to 11 in Mar del Plata, Argentina. The Assembly gathered over 600 activists, health workers, and researchers to explore the future of global health amid political and economic crises.

Participants of the Assembly are addressing challenges through five thematic axes, focusing on the transformation of health systems, including the planning and financing of public health systems. In the lead-up to the PHA, and with the Indian election cycle in view, health activists unveiled a Health Manifesto that outlines priorities to ensure universal access to healthcare.

India is also facing significant changes to regulations in the field of intellectual property and patents. Revisions of patent rules are now threatening to reduce access to medicines not only in India, but in other countries as well.

Discussions at the Assembly also cover the Pandemic Treaty, especially significant following the World Health Organization members’ recent decision to extend negotiations around the new mechanism.

Finally, the Assembly will delve into issues concerning gender justice in health, the impact of war and occupation on health, ancestral knowledge, and ecosystem health. Within this thematic stream, conversations will also tackle food systems. This includes initiatives like the one recently introduced in Brazil, where introducing taxation on ultra-processed food could bring substantial health benefits.

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