Bulletin #49: Preparations for the Peoples' Health Assembly in Colombia under way

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The People's Health Movement is set to hold a new People's Health Assembly in Cali, Colombia, in late 2023. The assembly will bring together activists and organizations to establish strategies for achieving the right to health. Health workers and trade unions are expected to play a leading role at the event, providing inspiration to others fighting for public healthcare and just health systems.

Nurses, ambulance workers, and other NHS workers in England are planning a new strike ballot in the face of government attempts to prevent industrial action in the sector. In Greece, the government was forced to rescind a controversial circular on doctors' duty after pressures from trade unions.

As health workers’ struggles continue, so do the efforts of countries in the Global South to address poverty-related illnesses. In Bangladesh, the End TB campaign is making progress against this deadly disease through a strong commitment to solidarity and collaboration, although some groups still lack adequate access to tuberculosis care.

In Ghana, the Accra Collective of the Socialist Movement has called for urgent action to address a new malaria threat, which is putting thousands of people at risk of illness and death. Ghana also approved a new malaria vaccine that could be a game-changer in the fight against the disease among small children. We met with immunologist Dr. Satyajit Rath to learn more.

Zimbabwe recently announced plans to counter mass emigration of health workers through restrictive labor legislation. We bring an overview of the situation in Spanish.

People’s Health Assembly in Colombia will be a milestone in struggles for right to health

The People’s Health Movement is mobilizing for the 5th People’s Health Assembly, which will take place in Cali, Colombia, in December this year

NHS workers undeterred by government attempts to stop strikes

Nurses, ambulance workers, and other health workers in England continue to plan for industrial action escalation as government looks for way to stop strikes without improving working conditions

Commitment, determination and solidarity are key to success of ‘End TB in Bangladesh’

Bangladesh’s national tuberculosis program is picking up after a blow dealt by the COVID-19 pandemic, but room for improvement remains

Socialist Movement of Ghana calls for urgent public health response to new malaria threat

The invasive, malaria-transmitting Anopheles stephensi mosquito has been detected in Ghana for the first time. The species can survive in high temperatures and urban areas, posing new challenges for disease response and control

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Greek government forced to rescind controversial circular on doctors’ duty

Intended to manage the shortage of doctors in public healthcare facilities in the country, the circular required available doctors to treat patients irrespective of their specialization, which doctors’ unions assert will put patients’ lives at risk and could also put doctors in trouble

Video: Will the malaria vaccine approved by Ghana be a game-changer?

Immunologist Dr. Satyajit Rath explains the significance of the recent malaria vaccine approved by Ghana and the future of the research in this field


Entre la crisis del sector público y las restricciones a la inmigración, los trabajadores sanitarios de Zimbabue tienen pocas opciones

Zimbabue ha anunciado planes para penalizar la contratación en el extranjero de sus trabajadores sanitarios. Más de 4.000 trabajadores sanitarios han abandonado el país desde 2021, mientras el sistema de salud pública sigue enfrentándose a problemas de bajos salarios y falta de infraestructuras.

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